Visit the Bond 2013 Timeline webpage for updates on all of the projects currently underway.  To see LIVE, up-to-date progress on the new middle school, click the "Construction" icon to view the webcam. 

On August 5, 2014, Plymouth-Canton Community School residents will have the opportunity to vote on a long-standing Non-Homestead millage which generates operating revenue for the District. Please open the attached flyer for important information about this issue.

What will the Non-Homestead millage cost homeowners? Nothing.
The millage applies only to local business, industrial, and commercial property, and property that is not the owner’s primary residence.

This is a notice to residents of Wayne County in the State of Michigan that Plymouth-Canton Community Schools will be accepting nonresident students under Section 105:

On August 5, 2014, voters in Wayne County will be asked to consider a school enhancement millage.  For information, please see the attached FAQ.

Children need healthy meals to learn. Plymouth-Canton Community Schools offers healthy meals every school day. Students may buy lunch at the elementary for $2.75 and breakfast for $1.50; Lunch at the Middle School for $3.00, breakfast for $1.65 and the High School, lunch for $3.00 and breakfast for $1.75.